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  • 19 Jun 2024 1:50 PM | Anonymous

    On June 10th, the LebNet Toronto community hosted a Networking and Informal Discussion on Digital Identity, exploring its future and applications. Attendees had the exclusive opportunity to connect with and gain insights from Fadwa Mohanna, an expert in the field, who shared how digital identity is transforming various industries. The event featured great discussions, an amazing crowd, and many new faces. The vibrant interactions and growing number of participants underscored the exciting expansion of our Toronto community.

    Special thanks to LebNet Toronto leadership member Fadwa Mohanna for sharing her insights and expertise. We also extend our gratitude to Rana Kassem for leading the event, and to the community for their attendance and participation.

  • 10 Jun 2024 10:38 AM | Anonymous

    On June 6th, LebNet Mid-Atlantic was thrilled to host a networking event for its community in Washington D.C. This gathering provided a unique platform for Lebanese tech professionals to connect, share knowledge, and foster collaborations within our dynamic industry. The event attracted professionals from various tech industries, and the turnout was impressive. The conversation flowed smoothly, and attendees enjoyed the venue's atmosphere, adding to the vibrant energy of the evening. As is customary with every LebNet event, many first-timers joined, and it was heartening to see attendees leave eagerly inquiring about the next get-together.

    Special thanks to the LebNet DC leadership member Moukhtar Nsouli for leading this event and for the community for attending.

  • 09 Jun 2024 7:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On June 6th, LebNet Boston hosted an insightful event at MIT, focusing on AI/ML advancements in healthcare, challenges and opportunities in the healthcare value chain, and ongoing disruptions in biotech and health-tech.

    The event featured a panel of experts including Ramy Arnaout, Jean-Claude Saghbini, Diana Ezzeddine, and Maya Said, moderated by Anthony Tayoun, and was attended by industry professionals and students.

    The discussion covered several key topics: each panelist introduced themselves and shared recent developments in their fields, delved into the impact of AI/ML advancements on immunology and pathology post-COVID, and explored the use of AI/ML tools in oncology and drug discovery. The role of tech-enabled care delivery in complementing discovery-side advancements was highlighted, along with an explanation of value-based care and the role of AI in promoting it. Panelists shared predictions on significant changes and areas of stagnation in the healthcare industry over the next few years and provided valuable advice for biotech and health-tech startup founders. Additionally, they discussed the probabilistic nature of AI, its potential limitations in healthcare applications, and its intersection with pathology and various diagnostic areas.

    Our gratitude goes to the panelists, the moderator, and the LebNet Boston leadership team for organizing this event, as well as to the community for joining us. Special thanks also to the Lebanese Club at MIT for hosting and E14 for sponsoring the event.

    Another resounding success for the LebNet Boston community, leaving attendees eager for future events on cutting-edge topics!

  • 02 Jun 2024 9:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On May 31st, the 2nd Tech Fellows program successfully wrapped up with a heartwarming celebration at LAU, Beirut. The event, attended by both virtual and in-person audiences, showcased the remarkable achievements of 81 fellows from 13 universities across Lebanon, a significant increase from last year's 25 participants.  Find the recorded event here.

    Key Event Highlights:

    Six tech fellows graced the stage, each delivering speeches brimming with gratitude and a dedication to community-building. Quotes like "We found inspiration, we were challenged to think bigger and push harder", "LebNet has played a significant role in aiding my transition into the working environment and launching my career", and "Grateful to all the presenters and mentors for answering our questions and clarifying our many choices", underscored the profound impact of the program.

    In a unified pledge to pay it forward, the fellows vowed to leverage their newfound skills and knowledge to instigate positive change in their communities and beyond. "Together, we can spark innovation, inspire change, and create a better future."

    Program Highlights and Success factors: 

    The 5-month fellowship program was designed to empower the next generation of Lebanese technologists, providing them with the skills and network essential for successful transitions into tech careers after university. Notably, the program prioritized support for women and first-generation low-income students.

    Led by Aya Mouallem, supported by Mariam Dabboussi, Hussein Mozannar, and Lama Ahmad, the program's curriculum was meticulously crafted. Early-career lecturers and mentors played pivotal roles in guiding and inspiring the fellows throughout their transformative journey.

    Special recognition goes to Nicole Bou Farhat from LAU and Nicole Nakad from AUB for their invaluable support during the in-person event, enhancing its memorability and impact for all attendees.

    Closing Thoughts: 

    Congratulations were extended to all the fellows, the organizing team, and the LebNet Women in Tech community for hosting a transformative program that empowers the next generation of tech leaders.

    As the Tech Fellows program concludes, LebNet reaffirms its dedication to supporting our youth in tech in Lebanon for the years ahead, equipping them with the tools for success and fostering a culture of giving. As eloquently expressed by one of our fellows:

    "Tech education is paramount. It possesses the power to revolutionize lives, uplift communities, and aid in Lebanon's recovery."

  • 30 May 2024 10:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    LebNet Bay Area hosted an unforgettable evening of Tarneeb, Tawleh, and vibrant networking in the South Bay. The event was alive with laughter, strategic gameplay, and lively conversations. We were honored to welcome many new faces and the atmosphere was all about social gaming and building connections, fulfilling the main goal of the event.

    The evening proved to be a successful networking opportunity, with attendees exchanging valuable information and forming meaningful connections. Many participants expressed excitement about more events in the South Bay and indicated their interest in attending future gatherings. Thank you to everyone who attended and made this evening memorable. Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to connect with the LebNet community!

  • 16 May 2024 7:15 AM | Anonymous

    The May 2nd webinar on Lebanon's untapped outsourcing potential, challenges, and solutions brought together an impressive panel of experts deeply involved in the outsourcing ecosystem. The event, moderated by Ronnie Hammad, Chair of the Advocate Committee of Life, was attended by approximately 50 participants. The discussion covered various facets of outsourcing in Lebanon, from policy issues to the evolving nature of the talent pool and operational challenges.

    Introduction and Opening Remarks: Ronnie Hammad introduced the session by highlighting Life's mission to connect members, support students, promote job creation, and advocate for economic reform in Lebanon. Life, with its 1,400 members across 17 global chapters, partnered with Lebnet, a Silicon Valley-founded organization with over 2,500 members in tech, to organize this event.

    The Panelists:

    Mariam Daher - Executive Director at ForwardMena, shared insights on the role of ForwardMena and Beirut Digital District (BDD) in supporting Lebanon’s outsourcing sector. She emphasized the importance of upskilling Lebanese youth for digital careers to bridge the gap between education and labor market needs. Bahir highlighted that BDD hosts over 160 companies across 35+ industries, aiming to transform Lebanon into a premium outsourcing hub.

    Carole Al Sharabati, founding partner at CME Offshore, discussed the company's growth and the high level of expertise provided by Lebanese engineers. CME Offshore serves prominent clients like Subway and PayPal without advertising, relying on word-of-mouth and the Lebanese diaspora. Sharabati underscored the importance of critical thinking and innovation over cheap labor, noting that CME has registered multiple patents in the U.S.

    Hala Ballouz, CEO of Electric Power Engineers, talked about her firm’s focus on transforming the electric grid and her positive experience with Lebanese engineers. Balouz praised the high quality, business acumen, and multilingual abilities of Lebanese professionals. She expressed hope for Lebanon's energy sector and highlighted the support provided to employees for setting up resilient energy solutions at home.

    Nabil Mardelli, Country Manager at Aspire Software, shared insights into Aspire's rapid growth in Lebanon. Aspire, the operational arm of Valsoft, specializes in acquiring and developing vertical market software businesses. Mardali discussed the strategic decision to expand operations in Lebanon and the potential for significant growth in the coming years.

    The webinar concluded with a Q&A session, where participants raised questions about various challenges and opportunities in Lebanon's outsourcing sector. Topics included optimizing business processes, leveraging AI for development, and the potential for improving Lebanon's energy infrastructure.

    The event highlighted Lebanon's potential as a premium outsourcing destination, emphasizing the talent and expertise of its workforce. The panelists expressed optimism about the future, despite current challenges, and discussed strategic approaches to harness Lebanon's capabilities for global outsourcing needs.

  • 09 May 2024 3:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    LebNet's San Diego trivia night on May 8th was a blast! With 22 attendees, we divided into two teams, and one of them secured an impressive 3rd place for the evening! Thanks to all the attendees for making it such a memorable event. A special shoutout to the LebNet San Diego leadership team for organizing such a fantastic evening of networking, trivia, and fun! We are excited to see our community continue to grow. Stay  tuned for more events! 

  • 19 Apr 2024 10:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hosted at Berkeley by LebNet on April 16th, in collaboration with Luca Hadife, student senator at the Associated Students University of California Berkeley, our panel aimed to give students insights into the experiences of Lebanese tech professionals across diverse organizational environments. Covering startup ventures, venture capital, and big tech, our panelists shared career journeys and actionable advice.

    General Topics Covered:

    Networking: Leveraging Lebanese networks for growth.

    Mentorship: Role of mentorship and tips for finding mentors.

    Essential Skills: Crucial technical and soft skills for tech success.

    Resumes: Crafting compelling resumes.

    Advice: Valuable advice for college-aged selves.

    Panelists and Focus:

    Elie Ghossain - Program Manager @ Tesla:

    - Role overview at Tesla.

    - Skill requirements and career advice.

    Mona Ahmad - Product Manager @ Pomelo:

    - Pomelo overview and product management insights.

    Omar Fidawi - Investor @ Scale Venture Partners:

    - Transition from investment banking to venture capital.

    - Key skills and investment evaluation factors.

    - AGI overview and hiring insights.

    - Career pathways and industry challenges.

    The event, focused on "Breaking into Tech," attracted 30 attendees and provided a platform for meaningful dialogue and learning.

  • 18 Apr 2024 4:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On April 17th, LebNet’s Early in Career Leadership team hosted a Webinar on The Impact of Generative AI on the Future of Work and Innovation. Led by Karim Tabaja, Strategic Projects Leader at City Football Group, our webinar brought together an esteemed panel of experts at the forefront of AI innovation:

    • Farah Akoum: Product leader in the retail industry, leveraging Generative AI to enhance customer experiences

    • Alexandra Assouad: CEO & Co-Founder at Mind-Easy, pioneering AI-driven solutions for mental health support

    • Alaa Khaddaj: MIT Researcher and VC Fellow, specializing in AI and its transformative potential

    • Ryaan Sayegh: Co-founder and CTO at Hollo AI, leading the development of personalized AI twins

    These visionary panelists shared their unique insights and experiences throughout the session, offering invaluable perspectives on the evolution of Generative AI, its impact across industries, and the opportunities it presents for young professionals. Ethical considerations, entrepreneurship, and the global versus local implications of AI were thoroughly explored, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of AI's future trajectory. With a turnout of 50+ individuals, the webinar was a testament to the importance and relevance of AI in today's professional landscape. 

  • 12 Apr 2024 8:46 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    LebNet New York proudly hosted its highly anticipated inaugural event of 2024, marking a joyful reunion of our vibrant community. On April 11, attendees were treated to an illuminating Fireside Chat and a heartfelt celebration honoring the esteemed recipients of LebNet’s Bireme Award for Entrepreneurs of the Year: Marc Atiyeh and Andrew Malek, the visionary co-founders of Pawp.

    Zeina Lamah skillfully navigated the conversation, delving deep into Marc and Andrew's entrepreneurial journey, imparting invaluable insights and lessons learned. Focused inquiries on risk-taking, sources of motivation, and dispelling startup stereotypes guided the discourse, ensuring an engaging exploration of their experiences.

    Generously hosted by Latham and Watkins, the evening not only served as a platform for knowledge-sharing but also fostered meaningful connections among the 60 attendees. The electric atmosphere and dynamic networking opportunities further enriched the event, leaving participants inspired and invigorated by the collective spirit of the LebNet community.

    Our heartfelt thanks go out to the LebNet NY community, friends, and the dedicated LebNet NY leadership team for orchestrating such a flawless event!

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