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Arizona is home to several emerging and growing technologies such as semiconductors, electric and autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, edtech, fintech, medtech, proptech, dual-use technologies and other high-impact verticals.  The state hosts various large technology companies, startups, and universities. Phoenix is one of the fastest growing startup and tech scenes in the US with rising investment capital.

Like its thriving state, the LebNet Arizona community is excited to become the state's leading network for high tech professionals of Lebanese descent.  We are looking for seasoned professionals, early in career, entrepreneurs, and students to help us expand our reach and participate in our programs: mentorship, networking, and giving back to Lebanon among other projects and initiatives.

The Arizona Steering Committee is passionate about partnering with like-minded fellow Lebanese in Arizona. If you reside in Arizona and are interested in being a part of our community, send an email to [email protected].

Meet the LebNet Arizona steering committee members

Robby Choueiri

Community Leader
Co-founder at Klay Brands 

Mark Naufel 

Community co-Lead; Mentorship & Internships 
Executive Director of ASU's Luminosity Lab

Christina Dib

Fundraising and Corporate Partners
Senior Manager Supply Chain at Amazon

Jad Bazzi

Membership and Recruiting
Business Finance & Law Senior at ASU 

Monica Zalaket 

Webinar and Events 
Program & Relationship Manager at California Community College

LebNet, a non-profit organization, serves as a multi-faceted platform for Lebanese professionals residing in the US and Canada, entrepreneurs, investors, business partners in a broad technology eco-system, and acts as a bridge to their counterparts in Lebanon and the rest of the Middle East


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